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About me!!!

Your teacher forced you??? Awwww…what a mean guy!


Hello!Everyone! I’m Charlotte!I‘ve juest created my blog ( my teacher forced me), and now let me tell you someting about me. I’m a 16-year-old Chinese girl. Interseting things about me? Well, I love watching anime, I love drawing, I love watching  movies, I love dogs, I love traveling, I love taking pictures, oh yeah, and I love playing video games! My blog will be my daily life, I guess. Actually, you will never know what I’m going to post on my blog. I write it because I like to share my “unusual” life and some funny things.( Becaues my teacher told me to write, and it’s for marks.) I think my audience can be anyone, anyone who likes my blogs!( But in fact, I think me audience will be my teacher or my classmates.) Okay, that’s all I think. Although writing a bolgs is my school assignment, but if I’d…

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