PHOTO OF THE DAY – Straw Man Part 2

So this time around I decided to get a little artsy with some simple features on Photoshops Elements. What do you think? Kind of neat, is what I’m thinking.

Like Neanderthal Man’s evolution into modern day human beings, many factors, changing landscapes and climates contributed to this happening. I think the same can be said for straw people. Unlike man, the straw people evolution takes considerably less than millions upon millions of years. In fact, I am pretty sure, the creative genius behind this master creation came up with monumental upgrade in a single evening, possibly sipping Peach Schnapps, hopefully gorging himself with something as equally stereotypical¬†German.

Straw Man on a Chopper, Germany

This straw man is a lot more human like. While his brothers and sisters are helpless from their countless predators and the daunting etherial elements, due to their lack of legs and/or protective layer, this dude has both legs and a vehicle to boot. He’s even doing the gun fingers. He is basically the Fonz, the Marlon Brando of his kind. Possibly even a Jesus like figure to his followers. I’d say I would have been a follower if the restaurant he was luring me too was a few km’s off the path. Unfortunately I didn’t have that time. If the gun finger didn’t shoot you dead with conviction in your tracks that a wonderful smogesboard was awaiting you, then the cool, hip backwards hat would.


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I see tomorrow. I am biking to the end of the road, not to say I did it, but to see what's really there. From my travels I've learned that barriers are just lines on a map that once you get your passport stamped and your visas all in order don't exist anymore. It's okay to say I don't know and not know and learn something and forget it. It's great to go towards the unknown to make it known, or see if it retains its anonymity even as you come closer. I've met some amazing people and done some pretty cool things and have realized this spherical concoction of land and sea is only as unattainably big as you imagine it to be. So wake up and pedal each mile.

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